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While I’m still going to be updating my progress in getting fit, I’m going to be doing it at Fat Secret because they have a purty app for my Droid phone that will let me update near instantly! Oh yeah, they have a lot of other tools that make sense to me and give me the particular info I need to manage my condition effectively. Like everywhere else, I’m critter42 over there.

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New Beginnings

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Four years (and a little over a month) ago I quit smoking.

Two years ago I stopped drinking sugared drinks.

A year ago I tipped the scales at 320lbs

A month and a half ago I was diagnosed with diabetes.


I had always felt somewhat bullet-proof when it came to getting things like diabetes, or heart disease and such.  This was a wake-up call.  I immediately started a sensible,  low calorie diet.  At the time of the diagnosis, I couldn’t start a real exercise regimen due to a lingering physical injury.  In the last 6 weeks I am down to about 290lbs and lost 6 inches in my waist.

Today, however,  I have started a new phase in life and begun a concentrated exercise program – I’m starting slowly and working my way up.  My short-term goal is to run the Gibson Guitar 5k on June 12, 2010 – and run the entire distance.  My long term goal?  Well, when I got out of Navy boot camp, I weighted 152lbs.  While I may make it there someday, in my mind I have 175lbs as my ultimate target weight goal.  It’s going to take a lot of hard work and it won’t be instant, but it will be worth it.

I decided to start posting my workouts as  way to hold myself accountable, as a motivational technique to keep going.

Today, my first day of real exercise in a long time, I did the following:

Stretching Exercies – 10 min
Pushups – 10 (I have GOT to work on that)
Elliptical – 30 minutes weight loss program – averaged 45rpms and a distance of 1.2 miles
Upper body (using 10lb dumbbells)
– front and side arm lifts – 20 each
– arm curls – 20
– arm press – 20
Crunches – 3 reps of 20 each

And as this is about new beginnings, I have also moved my main site to WordPress from Movable Type and updated the theme to something a little more visually exciting.

This is going to be interesting!

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Posting to WordPress 2.9 from within FeedDemon and up

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UPDATE 6/23/2013: I have just tested the below instructions with WordPress 3.5.2 and FeedDemon 4.5 (the FINAL version of this app that will be released) and it still works except the “gear” icon is now the “Sharing” icon that is a left-pointing orange RSS-type icon.

I’m posting this as a reference for anyone searching for how to configure FeedDemon’s ‘Send To’ feature to work with WordPress 2.9 and up.  The instructions on the Newsgator website/knowledge base are outdated.

  1. In FeedDemon (current version as of this writing is, click the gear icon (“choose newspaper icons”) below the title of any post and in the popup window click “Send To”.
  2. Click on the Send To icon, “Blog This Item”, then “Configure Blog Publishing Tools.”
  3. Click Add
  4. Put something in the Description field  – it doesn’t matter what, just so you know what it is
  5. In Command Line or URL, enter the following address:$ITEM_DESCRIPTION_PLAIN$&post_title=$ITEM_TITLE$
    where “” is the location of your WordPress blog and ‘wordpressfolder’ is the subfolder your WordPress folder is installed  – usually just ‘wordpress’ (you may or may not have this folder depending on how your site is configured)
  6. You can click “Set as default” if desired, then click OK and OK again.

You are now set to post to your WordPress blog from within FeedDemon’s newspaper.

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