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Tim O’Reilly on Facebook Privacy flap

by on May.23, 2010, under Facebook, privacy

My Contrarian Stance on Facebook and Privacy – O’Reilly Radar.

I actually do not have a problem with the premise of his article.  I have no problem personally giving up privacy in return for certain benefits.  I have a problem with the shifting nature of Facebook’s privacy policies.

This comment by Alex Tolley is pretty spot on about how I feel about the issue.

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A Newsweek article every Facebook user MUST read

by on May.15, 2010, under Facebook, privacy

This Newsweek article explains in clear terms exactly what has changed on Facebook regarding your personal information and what price you must pay to use Facebook – personal information you’d like to share only with your friends (or not at all) can only be public or nonexsitent – there is no longer an option for some settings to share only with friends if desired.

The Secret Cost of Using Facebook –

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Facebook Privacy Policies are Bad, Part III:

by on May.13, 2010, under Facebook, privacy

I have been harping on this a lot lately, but every day my decision to divorce myself from Facebook is looking better and better:

Facebook’s Instant Personalization backfires already, thanks to Yelp security hole.

The gist is: due to both a bug in Yelp! and a bug in Facebook, a malicious website can gain access to your private Facebook information.

Still think the open web is a good thing?

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INFOGRAPHIC: The History Of Facebook’s Default Privacy Settings

by on May.11, 2010, under Facebook

OK, here is a nice visual about the gradual loss of privacy on Facebook:

INFOGRAPHIC: The History Of Facebook’s Default Privacy Settings.

As I have noted for the last 6 weeks, Facebook is NOT your friend and is making every effort to expose your personal information. And remember that the only way to not publicly share some of your information is to delete the information in question. However, that won’t do much good now that 3rd party developers are no longer being required to delete any personal data they have harvested.

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Why You Should Still Quit Facebook – Facebook – Gizmodo

by on May.10, 2010, under Facebook

This article on Gizmodo (and the previous one that’s linked at the beginning of that post) details a lot why I’m no longer using Facebook

Why You Should Still Quit Facebook – Facebook – Gizmodo.

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Why I broke up with Facebook

by on Apr.22, 2010, under Facebook

Today I made my last post to Facebook. I’m writing this post to expound more on my reasons why.

They are radically changing their stance on privacy

Read this article on CNN for details.

This is a big deal. Facebook is couching it in terms of “Transformative” and “revolutionary”, but all they’re really doing is gradually moving control over your personal information from you to them with the ultimate goal of “monetizing” that information – the polite way these days of saying they’ll be making money by selling that information to outside parties.

There is one HUGE part of the announcement that appears to have flown under the radar – and is in my opinion, the most worrisome issue: Facebook is dropping the requirement for Facebook App developers to delete your personal information after 24 hours! This means EVERY SINGLE APP you have authorized now can harvest your information and they are not required to delete it! If you want to know how scary that is, follow the steps in the linked article to view every app you’ve authorized to have access to your personal information. I suspect most people will be shocked about that.

Now, I am not necessarily a private person, and I don’t much have an issue with putting my info out there – but it’s been MY CHOICE. I cannot in good conscience use or support any application or service that does not let the end user have ultimate control over the use of their personal information – no matter how trivial. Until Facebook changes its privacy polices back to the way they were prior to March 26, 2010, I will not be posting, reading, getting notifications or generally interacting at all with Facebook. However, I have not completely deactivated my account simply because I have pictures and other information already up there that others have linked to and I don’t want to break those links; also if Facebook changes their policies I will be happy to return to Facebook and don’t particularly care about going through the account reactivation process.

I do apologize to my friends and family who normally use Facebook to contact me, but I would hope everyone understands my position and why I feel I need to take this stand. Granted I’m only one person, but personal privacy is one thing I have ALWAYS felt very strongly about.

Since I am self aware enough to realize I love to talk about myself, I will be posting here more regularly and you can follow me on twitter (@critter42). If you do want to chat with me, I’m always on Google Talk (tho’ if I don’t respond immediately, it may be I’m at work and am busy, don’t be upset!) – critter42 ( a.t. ) gmail (d. o. t. )com.

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