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Posting to WordPress 2.9 from within FeedDemon and up

by on Feb.05, 2010, under Uncategorized

UPDATE 6/23/2013: I have just tested the below instructions with WordPress 3.5.2 and FeedDemon 4.5 (the FINAL version of this app that will be released) and it still works except the “gear” icon is now the “Sharing” icon that is a left-pointing orange RSS-type icon.

I’m posting this as a reference for anyone searching for how to configure FeedDemon’s ‘Send To’ feature to work with WordPress 2.9 and up.  The instructions on the Newsgator website/knowledge base are outdated.

  1. In FeedDemon (current version as of this writing is, click the gear icon (“choose newspaper icons”) below the title of any post and in the popup window click “Send To”.
  2. Click on the Send To icon, “Blog This Item”, then “Configure Blog Publishing Tools.”
  3. Click Add
  4. Put something in the Description field  – it doesn’t matter what, just so you know what it is
  5. In Command Line or URL, enter the following address:$ITEM_DESCRIPTION_PLAIN$&post_title=$ITEM_TITLE$
    where “” is the location of your WordPress blog and ‘wordpressfolder’ is the subfolder your WordPress folder is installed  – usually just ‘wordpress’ (you may or may not have this folder depending on how your site is configured)
  6. You can click “Set as default” if desired, then click OK and OK again.

You are now set to post to your WordPress blog from within FeedDemon’s newspaper.

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