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Defeating the Upgrade Monster

by on Dec.07, 2008, under Uncategorized

Almost exactly one year ago, I attempted to upgrade from MT 3.2 to MT4. Since then, my blog here at became unreadable. Finally, after a year of on and off fiddling and a final upgrade to 4.23 that was released earlier this week, as well as completely deleting and reinstalling my templates, I now have a working install again.
And this post proves it

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Revenge of the Sith – $50 MILLION on opening day!

by on May.20, 2005, under Uncategorized

From The Hollywood Reporter, Revenge of the Sith shattered both the Opening Day record of $40.4 Million held by Spider-Man 2 and the overall 1-day total held by Shrek 2 at $44.8 Million.

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Goldsmith’s-Macy’s is dropping the Goldsmith’s name!!!

by on Oct.26, 2004, under Uncategorized

I had a rancor-filled, hateful entry here, but after some time of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that this is something that is really dumb to get so worked up about and is so out-of-character for me, so I have deleted that post and ask anyone that reads this blog to forgive me for being an ass.

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Complete the analogy

by on May.21, 2004, under Uncategorized

Complete the analogy:
Jerry Lewis:France::David Hasselhoff😕

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Bizzare links of the day

by on Apr.13, 2004, under Uncategorized

The Exorcist Bunnies
Subservient Chicken (Hint: Type in “riverdance” in the text box and hit enter)

[Listening to: Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive (CLUB 977 The 80s Channel (HIGH BANDWIDTH)) – – Bon Jovi, Wanted Dead or Alive (CLUB 977 The 80s Channel (HIGH BANDWIDTH)) – (0:-1)]
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And the Oscar goes to…

by on Feb.29, 2004, under Uncategorized

Yeah, prolly every blog out there is using that title tonight, but I just can’t help it. The king has been crowned, and his name is NOT Aragorn. No, his name is Peter Jackson, and he and his little film project in New Zealand has just run roughshod over the awards this year, winning every award he and the movie were nominated for. It has tied Ben Hur and Titanic for the most statues in one year. I am SO happy that “Into the West” from LotR:RotK won Best Song!!! That song is on my personal Top Ten Favorite Songs of All Time.
Hmm…maybe Hollywood has figured out why 7 out of the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time are genre films (8 out of 10 if you count Finding Nemo. Could it be because they’re actually GOOD FILMS? Nah, that can’t be it. Well, maybe PJ has set them straight. We’ll see next year.

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Off to the movies

by on Feb.25, 2004, under Uncategorized

Well, off to see The Passion of the Christ

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Photo finish!

by on Feb.22, 2004, under Uncategorized

What a wild ending to the Subway 400 at the Rock! .01 of a second separate the final Winston Cup champion Matt Kenseth from Rookie Kasey Kahne, who was trying to tie Jamie McMurray’s feat of getting his first NASCAR Nextel (*cough* Winston *cough*) Cup win in only his second start.
On the restart following the final wreck, Kenseth leaped out to a huge lead, assisted in part by teammate Mark Martin who managed to stay in front of Kahne and McMurray long enough to give Kenseth what turned out to be an insurmountable lead. (Martin insisted he wasn’t blocking Kahne and McMurray for his teammate – uh huh, and I’ve got a nice bridge in New York I’m selling). Kahne and McMurray eventually reeled Kenseth in – McMurray was working the bottom groove, while Kahne and Kenseth were taking the high groove. McMurray was getting such good runs off the corner , it looked like he was going to take both Kahne and Kenseth in one fell swoop. However, he lost it slightly coming out of Turn 2 on the last lap, and lost any chance of getting past either. Kahne drove hard to the bottom of turn 3, and as they were coming around turn 4 it was a toss-up as to who might win. At the line, it was Kenseth by a hairsbreadth. If the Start/Finish line had been just a foot or two further down, Kahne would have had him.
NASCAR may have abandoned the Rock for sunny California, but today proved just why the Rock is one of the most storied race tracks in all of NASCAR.

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