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Final ShadowCon X pictures

by on Jan.16, 2006, under Uncategorized

Here is the link to my final gallery of ShadowCon X pictures – we had a blast! Can’t wait for next year’s!

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Shadowcon X pictures!! Live from Shadowcon

by on Jan.07, 2006, under Uncategorized

Blogging this in the middle of a Munchkin game at ShadowCon. Here are some pictures taken at ShadowCon this morning!
Edit: URL has been updated to point to the final gallery

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R.I.P. Michael Sheard, 1940-2005

by on Aug.31, 2005, under Uncategorized

Michael Sheard, aka Admiral Ozzel in Star Wars has passed away at age 65. I have put up a couple of pictures from various MidSouthCons, and more can be seen at my MidSouthCon23 picture blog at

This is from a skit performed prior to the MSC 22 Masquerade. The person Michael is mugging for her bottle of hooch is author CJ Cherryh.

This one is from MSC 22’s closing ceremonies, just before he planted a big wet one right on our Toastmaster’s lips :).
We will miss you very much Mr. Sheard. The bright colors will be back after a suitable period.

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Revenge of the Sith – $50 MILLION on opening day!

by on May.20, 2005, under Uncategorized

From The Hollywood Reporter, Revenge of the Sith shattered both the Opening Day record of $40.4 Million held by Spider-Man 2 and the overall 1-day total held by Shrek 2 at $44.8 Million.

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Christopher Reeve 1952-2004

by on Oct.11, 2004, under Uncategorized

Thank you to “Clark Kent” on the Superman Homepage Message Board message board for the graphic.

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Archon 28

by on Oct.05, 2004, under Uncategorized

This is a real quick post to link to a quick and dirty picture gallery of some of the pics I took at Archon this past weekend. I didn’t get any stills of the Masquerade and didn’t get any pics or video of the last 5 or so entries (doggone batteries). I’ll post some screengrabs of the video I took along with a longer, more thoughtful review of the con once I’ve had some time to ruminate.

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MidSouthCon 22 is over

by on Apr.01, 2004, under Uncategorized

Well, MidSouthCon 22 is over and I’m back to my paying job.
The con was a blast, and even though I was sore until Wednesday, I can’t wait until next year! We had a few bumps (I got caught in a game of musical hotel rooms and registration had some issues), but I would
still take that over the Feds crawling all over the place like in 2002. I’ve got the pics I uploaded available here. Enjoy!
As a bonus, I’m going to be seeing Hellboy tonight at a free screening with tickets I got at the Con! WooHoo!
More later (maybe!)

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I love the smell of conventions in the morning

by on Mar.08, 2004, under Uncategorized

Been a while since I posted a non-test blog. Got a little bit of time, so I thought I would.
MidSouthCon 22 / DeepSouthCon 42 in Memphis, TN at the Holiday Inn Select at Airways and Democrat is almost here! There are two more ConComm meetings, then on the 24th of the month we have to get the food for the ConSuite, and on the 25th we unload everything at the hotel, then have the “bag stuffing” party that night. I am getting pumped. Now I’ve got to go work on my volunteer schedule to make sure I have the Hearts tourney free!

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