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Bloglines and Firefox

by on Nov.04, 2004, under Uncategorized

I had started using Bloglines a few weeks ago after Nick Bradbury announced Bloglines integration with his FeedDemon RSS aggregator. Shortly thereafter I made the complete switch to Firefox as my web browser.
However, after I switched, I noticed that Bloglines no longer worked properly with Firefox – whenever I would click on one of my feeds, a new blank tab would open with no content and I could not bring up the feed. After some searching, I found that there was an issue with the Tabbed Browsing extension and Bloglines, but one setting in about:config would fix. Unfortunately, this didn’t help me as I didn’t use the Tabbed Browsing Extension.
However, I DO use an extension called Single Window from AAron Spuler which expands the tabbed browsing capabilites of Firefox. After poking around, I saw there was an option for “Open JavaScript links in new tabs” that was checked. I unchecked it, restarted Firefox for the change to take place, and found that Bloglines now worked perfectly!
So if you’re experiencing the problem with a new tab opening when you select a feed in Bloglines, but that tab is empty – check your Single Window extension settings.

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